Pipe Bending Machine


Wonsten has progressively become theworld's leading manufacturer of metalworking technologies, providing one of thebiggest ranges of specialized equipment for the tube and pipe bending industryworldwide. We serve the global market with exceptional machinery and toolingfor tube and pipe bending, induction pipe bending-ranging from simple, manualappliances to complex, fully automatic CNC powered systems.Wonsten designs, develops, retails andservices a variety of products for a range of leading industrial industriesincluding automobile and shipping, aeronautics and construction amongst others.We continue to supply pipe bending machines, including the innovative CNC tubebender machines and induction heating pipe bending machine, to hundreds ofindustries, from aluminum tube bending processes, copper pipe, carbon steel,and alloy steel to titanium, copper-nickel, and stainless materials.Wonsten has a proud history ofmanufacturing in China. Our recently-renewed headquarters is equipped with thehighest technological production equipment including CNC machining centers,lathes and milling machines, as well as sheet metal cutting and bendingmachinery for guaranteed high fabrication standards. Our products are designedin our technical department by a team of highly-skilled engineers-we offercompetitive solutions without compromising on quality.Over the years, Wonsten has grown with our customers’requirements and the market demand. We're just as passionate about growing anddeveloping our products as we are about our client relationships.