Induction Pipe Bending Machine Solution
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Induction Pipe Bending Machine Solution
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Induction Pipe Bending Machine Solution

What is induction bending and cold bending?

Cold bending refers to all types of bending in which pipes are bent without any additional heat. Induction heating bending usually only refers to different types of induction bending. Induction bending is an efficient pipe bending method because it is fast, accurate and almost error-free.

What is the main purpose of induction heating pipe bending?

The main purpose of the induction heating pipe bender is to make the pipe bend without any bending (collapse under pressure), and to minimize curling and flattening. It is important that the pipe must maintain its shape, because a deformed pipe may rupture under pressure, rupture, and generally look less attractive.

How is bend length calculated when using induction pipe bending machine?

Lf = the flat length of the metal plate.BA = bending allowance.BD = bend deduction.R = internal bending radius.K = K factor, which is t /T.T = material thickness.t = the distance from the inner surface to the neutral line.A = bending angle (in degrees) (the angle at which the material is bent)

What is the largest diameter you can bend by cold and induction pipe bending machine?

Generally speaking, the outer diameter of the cnc mandrel bending machine is 8mm to 114mm, and the induction heating pipe bending machine can process metal pipes with a diameter of 50mm to 2m.

What is induction bending of pipe?

Induction heating pipe bending is a controlled way to bend pipes by using high-frequency induction electric power for local heating. When the correct bending temperature range is reached, the pipe will slowly move through the induction coil while applying bending force through a fixed radius arm device.

What is the language of controller for induction pipe bending machine?

Don't worry, we will translate this language in English, Spanish or any other common language to ensure that your induction bending machine is easy to operate.