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How to repair and use the cold rolling mill after failure

The current roller mill cleaning device, and can prevent the deterioration caused by iron work environment, in different areas of the production process, due to the bad environment in the process of cold rolling mill run,


Grasp the vibration characteristics of hot rolling mill

To test the processing factory abnormal vibration of hot rolling mill, according to the controller vibration data measured on site and mill finite element grab,


General design of humidifying parts in cold rolling mill operation

At present, in the operation of the system software of high and low voltage motor cold rolling mill, there are often abnormal conditions, which will pose a hidden danger to the safe operation of mechanical equipment.


Importance of cold rolling mill four row cylindrical roller bearings and matters needing attention in installation and use

cold rolling mills the main component, is in high speed and high precision cold rolling system process of main components to guarantee, since new century 80 time, mill with four row cylindrical roller bearing has been widely used in non-ferrous plate metallurgical industry companies.


Why should six high cold rolling machine roll and middle roll drive system, roll box damage root cause

Six-roll cold rolling mill, which is a common type of cold rolling mill, and it has been widely used in some levels or industries, plus, it is one of the commodities in the online platform.


The paper describes the mill stand down, cold rolling rate, roll gap and multi - high mill

In the products of the cold rolling mill manufacturers, the continuous rolling mill, and its four and six high cold rolling mill, is the key commodity, therefore, it is important to carry out learning and training and master the work, but can not ignore other goods, such as the continuous rolling mill.


Plate operation, difficult problems and tensioning ratio information and characteristics of four-high reversible mill in cold rolling mill

The middle roll of cold rolling mill is the key component of the rolling mill. The work roll of cold rolling mill is generally divided into two kinds of arc roll friendship roll.


Mill classification, AGC system, single and double stand, positive and negative roll bending, rolling force control and other important information

There are different types and specifications of rolling mills. If the mill is processed according to the production method, it can be divided into cold and hot rolling mills.


Classification standard of rolling mill and difference of different pressure

Rolling mill is the object of the following explanation, because it is one of the website products and keywords, so will learn and understand, so that we have a comprehensive understanding of it.


How do rolling mills in metallurgical industry remove dust?

As we all know, the rolling mill will produce a certain amount of fallen iron oxide powder in the working process of rolling products, and a small amount of water vapor will be generated during cooling.


Do you understand the common problems in the operation process of pipe bending machine?

Pipe bending machine and any machine, in the use of this or that problem, such as all kinds of bending process, how many there will be some such as: Elbow corner rebound, elbow wrinkle, bulge and drag marks and other problems


How to choose the type and model of hydraulic pipe bending machines according to demand

As the skill level of science and technology and enterprise's production and processing requirements, our pipe machining machine tool equipment, has achieved more and more active,


What factors affect the bending accuracy of automatic pipe bending machines

How many kinds of pipe bending machine are there? Why do you want tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands?


Where does the force of CNC pipe bending machine come from

CNC pipe bending machine uses intermediate frequency power supply to heat the steel pipe, and pushes the steel pipe at a uniform speed, so that the heated part of the steel pipe walks along the preset track so as to form a bend with a certain radius of curvature and Angle.